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F-Secure VPN and Fritz! VPN with iOS and Android

balombi W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout


is there a possibility to establish another VPN to a FritzBox while the VPN connection of EEP Mobile is activated ?

So that the web protection, tracking protection, etc. remain activated, but at the same time a VPN connection to a Fritz!Box is activated.

Under iOS there are two different types of VPN's. Personal VPN and VPN configurations. If I set up my Fritz!Box VPN under VPN Configurations and then enable F-Secure VPN, it shows up under personal VPN. I can then activate this at the same time. I just unfortunately do not know what happens then, is the data then all routed through both VPNs ?

On Android I have not yet managed to connect F-Secure VPN and Fritz! VPN at the same time.

Does anyone have an idea how to realize that ?

And does the permanently activated VPN connection of F-Secure draw a lot of battery?

Thanks in advance for your help!




  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 524 Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hi Balombi

    Just to clarify, are you trying to incapsulating a VPN connection in the router VPN connection ?

    What is the VPN installed in the router?

    Can you provide a screenshot of the configuration or the router VPN?

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