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How to setup e-mail notification about a detection?

RefreshInternal W/ Member Posts: 26 Security Scout

I have set the e-mail under settings but I am not reciving any information about detections which I see in the portal.

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  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 524 Moderator


    If you are using HTTP proxy in your environment, you need to configure your HTTP proxy from the Elements Endpoint Protection Portal for email alerting to work. How to configure EPP for Computers or EPP for Servers:

    1. Log in to the Elements Endpoint Protection portal
    2. Go to the Profiles page and select the modify that is used the your devices
    3. Go to the General settings page and scroll down to the Automatic Updates section
    4. Enter the proxy address to the Manually defined proxy address field, for example:
    5. For the option Use HTTP proxy, select Remotely managed from the drop-down list
    6. Click Save and publish

    Once the proxy address has been configured to the device profile and the profile has been taken into use by the devices, wait for a few hours and check with an eicar file if an email alert is now sent to the recipients. 

    Email alerting configuration instructions can be found in this Help Guide.

  • RefreshInternal
    RefreshInternal W/ Member Posts: 26 Security Scout

    I am not using HTTP proxy. I should have specified that I use Endpoint Detection and Response portal and the only place to enter my alert e-mail is under settings but there are no notifications for Detections shown in the portal.

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