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are there any known problems when creating and publishing profiles in Elements EPP ?

Every time I lock all settings (with the lock on the right, so that they can not be changed by the user) the profile is not saved. If I then set all locks to open or lock only individual settings, the profile is saved. The TX-ID is every time i try to save a different... Attached an example...

I'd like to lock all settings...

Can somebody help?


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  • MikaArasola
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    I had a look at the logs for the transaction ID you have in the screenshot and it might be some technical issue on our side. I'm making a ticket for developers to investigate it.

  • MikaArasola
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    Hi Balombi, developers said that we released an update today that would be expected to fix this issue, can you test again and confirm?


  • MonikaL
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    Hi Balombi,

    This issue can be caused by the following:

    • Modifications are being made to the default F-Secure profiles. These are set to read-only and can not be modified by anyone.
    • Companies can not modify profiles that are owned by a Solution Providers (SOP) or Service Provider (SEP). You can verify that you are the owner of the profile from the list of profiles in the Elements Endpoint Protection portal.
    • The logged in admin account is restricted to read-only.

    If you are an administrator user on the company level, to create a profile, which you yourself can edit, you can clone an existing profile:

    1. Log in to the Elements Endpoint Protection Portal
    2. Go to the Profiles page
    3. Click the Three dots on the right side of a profile 
    4. Select Clone profile
    5. Give the profile a name 
    6. Edit the settings
    7. Click Save and publish 

    Please take note that fullwidth space doesn't work in profile name. If that is the scenario, please try to replace the fullwidth space with halfwidth space and check again.

  • balombi
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    yes, now it looks good and it works.

    Thanks for the help !

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