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I need to setup a Profile so that if certain users are logged on then the restrictions are applied, currently I can only set this up by device.


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  • Jamesch
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    Hi Steven,

    Apologies for the delayed response. Overlooked this.

    In Default Profiles, you can configure ability to switch profile based on AD group.

    That only works if you use default profiles which are assigned based on AD group

    The "Default Profiles" is a button under "Profiles" tab.


  • Jamesch
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    Are you referring to the Device Control feature/component ?

    What restrictions are you wanting to apply for these users ? Example - you want certain devices to be enabled/disabled for certain users ?

  • Hi Jamesch,

    Yes we have some devices where an admin may log in so the profile will need certain restrictions on the internet for example.

    Most of our devices can be identified for a profile but we do need to restrict by AD account as well.