Icon in tray (top of screen)

I am running Android 13 with Mobile protection 18.5.0020216.

When I manually end the protection by swiping the message away, and I then manually start the app, the W icon does not reappear until I reboot the device completely.

I think I saw last week that the icon re-appeared but I am not sure. I think the icon should reappear, because my device is almost never rebooted :-)


  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 416 Moderator
    edited November 2022

    Hi Andrew

    Can you please share the device make/model you have installed Mobile Protection on ?

    Also, what exactly do you mean when you mentioned "...When I manually end the protection by swiping the message away..." ?

    Did you mean 'kill'/force close the app? And what message are you swiping away? 

    If you can include some sort of short video / image, that will be great.

    Below is a typical installation flow. In which step below did you force close / swipe the message away ?

    1) Receive the email with activation link and downloading the app

    2) User installs the app

    3) Activates the app

    4) Allows VPN connection, permissions and start the app