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Software Updater

DiAmi W/ Alumni Posts: 31 Junior Protector


I am confused about software updater process. Currently my profile has under the automated task plan "Install critical and important security updates". Now I included a rule to update non-security software into automated installation, but it does not install? Why is that? Is there any workaround? Example with the Notepad++.


  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 526 Moderator


    You are using the "include software filter" incorrectly.

    This filter is a whitelist for the software to be installed.

    So, if the filter is empty, then Software Updater (SWUP) works as usual.

    If the inclusion filter contains at least one record, then SWUP installs only the software which is included into this filter.

    E.g. if you put there "Software=Notepad++" it means, that SWUP will install no other software except Notepad++, but only in case when Notepad++ has a security update.

    You may select "Install all updates" (including non-security) and have an inclusion filter for the Notepad++ only, but in this case SWUP will be able to update only Notepad++ and nothing else. I don't think you want this configuration.

    If you want to automatically install all possible patches, then you need to select "Install all updates" .


    But in this case SWUP will install all possible updates, including non-security for other products.

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