F-Secure Pisces Hoster x64 (FsPisces.exe) locking files


we've configured WithSecure Elements EPP for Servers Premium (v 22.8) on a Windows Server machine with DataGuard active on some important folders.

We've noticed that for a few days that when files under these folders are accessed (either from clients or from the server) they're automatically "locked" by FsPisces.exe. This means that they could be read but not deleted or renamed (or backed up). I've also noticed that this process is taking a lot of RAM.

My questions are:

-what's the technical purpose of FsPisces.exe? I cannot find an explanation anywhere.

-is its behavior normal?

-how can I unlock the files?

Thank you



  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 416 Moderator

    Hi @Kari

    FsPisces.exe is a part of our security app.

    Ultralight binaries are hosted in own fshoster64.exe processes plus some other processes like: fsulprothoster.exe, FsPisces.exe, fsorsp64.exe.

    Can you share with us what files exactly are being locked ?

  • Kari
    Kari Posts: 6 Observer

    Hi @Jamesch,

    any type of file was locked from documents to images to database .bak file.

    We tried to reboot the server and for now, it seems that those files are unlocked but it would be good to know what could cause this behavior in order to avoid it in the future.

    Thank you

  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 416 Moderator

    Hi @Kari ,

    FsPisces.exe is the host for archive unpacker and scanner. It is used in the context of ODS scanning. It may create temp files during processing of archives. It is hard to say why it looks as locked, probably the configuration of DataGuard is too restrictive.