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Ultra high CPU useage

Ig_rsa W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout


Every now and then my computer slows to a crawl. Its shows the same symptoms as the high memory usage thread, but is an issue with the "WithSecure Pisces Hoster"

Anything I can do to get rid of this issue?



  • MikaArasola
    MikaArasola W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership Posts: 68 W/ Staff

    Pisces is a component that scans archive files, and this is an indication that there is a scan ongoing at the moment. If you did not initiate this yourself then it's possible that a manual scan was started by an administrator. If the high CPU usage continues for a long time then it's possible you have a lot of archives on the device, or there is very little free disk to extract contents for scanning?

    Under the manual scanning settings there are some options which could help:

    • "scan inside compressed files" enables / disables scanning in archives, but it's recommended to have this enabled
    • "scanning priority" defines the priority of the scanning processes, by default it's normal and you can alternatively set it to background which will reduce CPU usage (but extend the duration of the scan, and increase risk that it would be interrupted by the computer being turned off).

    If this happens continuously it would be possible that somehow manual scans are configured to happen too frequently, for example daily rather than monthly.

    However if this does not lead to a solution I would recommend using the diagnostic tool to produce a diagnostic file and making a support request so that our experts can investigate what is causing it.

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