How to know which category a website is on ?

Hello everyone,
I have a problem for you.

Example : i would like to go to

But with my company security politics, the website is blocked in the category “Games”.
So now, i know that this website have the category "Games".

Other example : i would like to know the category of, but i'm already unblock so i don't have a error message showing the category.

Question : How can we know the category of without changing our computer profiles to provide a error message and the category?

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  • Sethu Laks
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    Hi @Guillaume27

    A website can be blocked based on its content (for example, "hate" or "illegal"). Our Web Content Control feature uses the WithSecure Security Cloud, otherwise known as ORSP, for web categorization:

    Here is a guide to the Web Content Control, from which you can see what each categories includes.

    WithSecure does not have a service or tool to view what Web Content Control categories are set for a specific web site or what the site is rated as in the ORSP. If a website is blocked by Web Content Control, the user will be shown a block page in their browser, which informs the user which categories are blocking the user from accessing the web site. To be able to show the block page on HTTPS web sites, the Browsing Protection by WithSecure browser extension is required to be installed and enabled in the browser. 

    The Web Content Control is a part of the WithSecure Browsing Protection feature which blocks phishing, scam and malicious web sites. Malicious sites can be various, for example: website injected with coin mining, URL for download malicious files and so on which might harmed our users.