Policy Manager Server not starting

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Hi, I have a problem with policy manager server failing to start, I have checked the logs and the event viewer as belove but not specifics are given for the fail to start, in the logs of the policy manager server at management server 5\logs it just says it's failed to start but no other specific service or part that is corrupted or not started. Also the FSAUS starts automatically as it should but the FSMS is not starting at all. Is there any solution to this problem?

fspms-service.log is giving this "Server process exited because of misconfiguration (exit code 3), see fspms-webapp-errors.log for details" at fspms-webapp-errors.log there is nothing.

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  • JamesC
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    Hi @ITSM , sorry to hear that you are having troubles starting up Policy Manager services.

    What version is the Policy Manager Server installed ?

    Do you see any TLS certificate errors from fspms-certificate-enrollment-audit.log ?