Why is there a Real-time scanning disabled alert and how to fix it?

I have a computer showing an alert "Real-time scanning is disabled".

Real-time scanning is mandatory in profile and cannot be turned off by users. What can be causing this and how do I fix it?

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  • JamesC
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    It is possible that other updates were in progress at the time of installation. This will prevent Computer Protection from finalizing its installation fully and it will stay in this state until all other updates are completed. 

    This can usually be sped up by performing a reboot of the device.

    If issue persists, it could have been disabled locally. You may lock the setting for "Real-time scanning" in the profile used by the servers and then distribute it. 

    It will then enable the "Real-time" scan on the Workstation or Server which prevent users to disable it locally.

  • MikaArasola
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    We will be adding information for the devices to indicate if they are pending a reboot, and a remote operation to allow an administrator to trigger the reboot from the PSB portal. We hope this will make it easier to understand and to handle.

    In general our updates do not require restarting the computer, but there are some rare cases where the operating system has locked some shared resources which could result in a reboot being needed to finalise it.


  • RefreshInternal
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    It looks like computer restart fixed the problem. Re issuing profile had no effect. Setting for Real-time scanning was already locked as stated in the initial posting.

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