F-secure Elements - firewall settings for different kinds of servers (network location)

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What I want to achieve:

  • I have several different kinds of servers ( citrix, fileservers, app servers)
  • servers has common firewall rules ( rdp in, backup soft in, monitoring in)
  • citrix servers has additional rules - connection with control server
  • fileserververs also had additional rules

I would like to have common rules and addititional rules combination for different kinds of servers.

I wasn't able to do it with network locations because only one profile apply. Is it possible to do it ( it was possible in bussiness suite)

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Accepted Answer

  • MikaArasola
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    Answer ✓

    We have a roadmap item for Q1 to implement inheritance for tables in profiles. The first step would inherit the whole table, and the second would also allow you to add additional rules for the child profile.

    So right now it's not possible but we are already working on this feature.

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