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WithSecure Elements API deprecation?

Mike_F W/ Member Posts: 6 Security Scout

Hi all

My company is wanting to begin integrating some of the Elements API. I see that the current version is v 1.0.0.

I've heard that a newer version is in the pipeline, and that the above will soon be deprecated. Have I perhaps misunderstood, and gotten confused with a different API being deprecated?

I'm just trying to ascertain how long (weeks, months?) until our Elements API calls will become deprecated, should we begin writing code for the V 1.0.0 version of Elements API.

Many thanks



Best Answer

  • SergeH
    SergeH W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 57 W/ Product Leadership

    Elements API is continuously improved while maintaining backward compatibilty. Version number was confusing and has been removed.
    Endpoint Protection is being deprecated. New integrations should be avoided.


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