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Allow WithSecure for MAC components via jamf.

Ernest_za W/ Partner Posts: 12 Junior Protector

I've successfully deployed and activated the WithSecure client and its features on multiple Mac devices using Jamf. However, I'm encountering an issue with enabling the "filter network content" feature via Jamf. This feature restricts the ability to isolate the device when a command is sent from the Elements console unless the user manually clicks the Allow button.

I followed these steps to deploy and allow the WithSecure client successfully:

Does anyone have experience enabling the "filter network content" setting via Jamf?



  • Sethu Laks
    Sethu Laks W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 245 Moderator
    edited May 8

    Hi @Ernest_za

    Thank you for reaching out the WithSecure Community!

    We've seen some questions about the pop-up notifications on macOS related to WithSecure products. Let's break it down:

    • "System Extension Blocked" and "F-Secure mac protection Would Like to Filter Network Content": These are normal security prompts introduced in macOS 10.15.5 and later. They inform you about what WithSecure needs access to in order to function properly. Simply clicking "Allow" ensures your WithSecure product works as intended.
    • Notifications Appearing Regardless of Firewall Settings:
      The "F-Secure mac protection Would Like to Filter Network Content" notification specifically relates to the WithSecure Application Layer Firewall. This notification will appear even if you disable the firewall from your Elements Endpoint Protection profile. Disabling the firewall won't prevent these pop-ups.

    Here's How to Simplify Setup:

    An MDM profile can pre-configure your devices' System Preferences to automatically allow WithSecure functionality. This avoids the need to manually accept pop-ups. You can find detailed instructions in the WithSecure User Guides:

    Troubleshooting Persistent Pop-Ups:

    If the pop-ups continue after using MDM profiles, try building the configuration profile directly within your MDM application instead of using a separate plist file. Make sure to apply this profile before installing Elements to avoid initial pop-ups.

    Still Having Issues?

    If the pop-ups persist after following these steps, please reach our WithSecure Support team here and provide screenshots of your current MDM configuration profile and a diagnostic file (WSDIAG) for further investigation. Instructions on generating a WSDIAG can be found in this community article here.

    Best regards,
    Community Moderator | Technical Support Engineer

  • Ernest_za
    Ernest_za W/ Partner Posts: 12 Junior Protector

    Hi @Sethu Laks,

    Thank for the feedback.

    Feedback from the customer would suggest that they are still getting the pop-up. I'll log a call with support.



  • Ernest_za
    Ernest_za W/ Partner Posts: 12 Junior Protector

    We managed to resolve the issue by consulting someone who knew how to use jamf.

    Thanks for the assist.