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Documentation Updates - 10 May 2024

LiselotteP W/ Staff, W/ Community Manager Posts: 298 Community Manager
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Listed below are the latest updates to the WithSecure knowledge base:

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New articles:

Updated - Maintenance: Elements Cloud Security Posture Management - 2024-05-07

WithSecure™ is refreshing its Terms of Use for our products and services

WithSecure Client Security or Server Security Web content control is not blocking categories that are set as "Disallowed"

How to migrate the Elements Vulnerability Management scan node from an old server to a new server?

Updated articles:

Announcements & Common topics:

Network addresses for WithSecure Elements (cloud-managed products)

How do I create an FSDIAG file on Linux systems?

Endpoint Protection:

How to change the subscription key of Elements Endpoint Protection Agent via the portal or locally on the device?

How to exclude specific software updates from Software Updater in WithSecure Elements Endpoint Protection?

How to reset two factor authentication (2FA) for a WithSecure Business Account (Elements, Partner Portal) user account if the mobile device with the authentication application has been lost

WithSecure Elements Mobile Protection Network Protection causes slowness or connectivity issues with certain applications

Elements Agent GUI displays error: "Your subscription for this device has expired or it has been removed"

I have forgotten my WithSecure Business Account password. How do I reset the password for my Elements user account?

Unable to edit or make changes to profile settings in the Elements Endpoint Protection portal

The message "Policy does not require the password" is seen next to the user properties under the device status in the Elements Security Center

How to exclude a URL address from being blocked by Elements Endpoint Protection Connection Control feature?

Business Suite:

Should I disable or uninstall Windows Defender on Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 after installing Server Security or Email and Server Security or Elements Endpoint Protection for Servers?

How do I register Policy Manager which is in an isolated or offline environment (offline token)

Vulnerability Management:

How to migrate the Elements Vulnerability Management scan node from an old server to a new server?

Cloud Protection for Salesforce:

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce Release Notes

Eicar test files uploaded as documents to Salesforce are not detected as malicious by Cloud Protection for Salesforce

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