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Get Started Guide

LiselotteP W/ Staff, W/ Community Manager Posts: 312 Community Manager
edited October 2023 in About our Community

Here's a handy guide to help you kick-start your journey with the WithSecure Community:

  1. Community tour - Take a quick tour to get familiar with the place.
  2. Community FAQs - Find answers to your questions here.
  3. Ask a question - If you're curious, don't hesitate to ask!
  4. Bookmark a discussion - Save interesting conversations for later.
  5. Notification preferences - Customize your notifications.
  6. Follow a Category - Stay updated on what interests you.
  7. Earn Points and Badges - Get rewards for active participation.

We want everyone to feel welcome and supported, whether you're new or have been here for a while. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and provide feedback on your onboarding experience.

Your input is invaluable as we continue to enhance your experience. So, go ahead, jump in, and let us know your thoughts!